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Kai Young

Graduation Year: 2021

High School:  Upper Dublin High School

GPA: 3.267

Email: kaiyoung208@yahoo.com

Skills Competing: 

FX: Double Back, Front Tuck Dive Roll, Back Double Full, Punch Front Rhudi

PH: Moore, Scissor Hop to End, Travel Down, Flank DM

R: Dislocate Shoot HS, Inlocate, Back Uprise Straddle Planche, L Press HS, Double Back DM

V: Tsukahara Tucked

PB: Kip Swing HS, Half Pirouette, Back Layout DM, Moy to Support, Back Uprise, Press HS

HB: Vault Catch, Double Back DM, Half Higgens, Half Pirouette,Endo


Skills Being Worked



R: Half in Half out DM

V: Tsukahara Layout

PB: Stutz HS, Double Back DM

HB: Tkatchev, Full Higgens


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