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How do I pay for Recreational classes?
Our popular recreational gymnastics questions are priced by the session. Each session is 8 weeks long, and typically, children attend one class per week for 8 weeks.  The class prices noted refer to the price for the session, not an individual class. The gym accepts several forms of payment which is due at the time of your child’s first class. At the conclusion of each 8 week session, you will be asked if you are re-enrolling for the next session. With the exception of the Holiday break in December, our sessions roll automatically into each other.

What should my child wear for class?


In girls’ gymnastics class, gymnastic attire is alwsys preferred which includes a leotard and optional spandex shorts. When new to gymnastics, your child may not yet have these items. In that case, dress comfortably in tighter fitting t-shirts and shorts. In our boys classes, t-shirt and shorts is the norm. All children are barefoot while in class.

Are your classes insured?


The gym carries substantial liability insurance which extends to all students.

What are your session dates?


Our first session of 2020 begins on February 8, 2020.  We have rolling enrollment so you can enroll anytime at a prorated cost.

Are your teachers qualified?

Precision Athletic Center is committed to hiring only skilled and highly competent instructors. Every gymnastics instructor must have completed USAG’s safety training, risk management training, safe sport training, and first aid/CPR training. Additionally, the gym routinely provides spotting clinics, preventative injury workshops, lesson planning workshops and regular inservice education opportunities.


Can we still join your classes after the session has started?


Our sessions run for 10 weeks each, but our enrollment is roll over. Children may join at any point in a session; we simply prorate their tuition.

Can parents watch?


Parents should be able to easily view their child’ class and accomplishments! Our comfortable lobby and viewing area is equipped with TV screens allowing you to watch your child’s class as they move from event to event.

What is your ratio of children to coaches?


Our coach to child ratio varies with the skill level of the class. Typically, a class of 3-9 children will be staffed with one coach; a class with 10- 18 children is staffed with two coaches.  This allows the group to be split into smaller groups for enhanced teaching. 

How does my child get into the invitation only classes?


Upper level classes (Elite, Elite Plus and mini-stars) are “invitation only” classes. Children are invited to these classes as they move through the beginner classes and demonstrate a mastery of the basic skills taught at that level. We are always available to provide your child with an extra skill evaluation if you feel that he/ she should progress to the next level class! 

How does my child become part of the competition team?


Many children see the competitive team as a future goal. Others attend gymnastics classes for the superior physical activity and determination required. Students enrolled in the Elite Plus classes are assessed for potential interest in the team, each April. If the team is in your future, let us know of your child’s interest!